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I love K-Pop, I guess you could say it's an obsession. Although I do reblog things that are not K-Pop related, the majority of the stuff on my blog is. I enjoy talking to people as well, those that aren't scared off by my strangeness anyway. So, feel free to leave me a message <3


I thought you were more than just a shield.
Let’s see.

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Merlin Prison AU

Arthur is a Prison Officer at Camelot Penitentiary, a place where his father Uther is the warden and the prisoners are all illegal magic users. He initially thinks the incarcerated men and women are all monsters until he meets their leader Merlin, who changes everything Arthur believed about magic. Before he knows it, they’re working together to bring the prison down. 

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Dae Kitty + Jae Mouse ; Cookies for Yoo

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